Fireplace mantles  -Reclaimed beams make simple and elegant fireplace mantles. This oak beam is 10″ square and 10 feet long. Prices vary depending upon beam size and finish.

Starting at $800.00



IMG_6892 We make custom furniture to your exact specification.

Often less expensive than poorly made, production line furniture! You pick the size, materials, colors or work with us to design something completely unique.

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IMG_7411 IMG_7410 IMG_7407

90″ long X 40″ wide reclaimed oak dining table. Made from 2″ thick oak floor planks sourced from a 150 year old barn in Fentress County, Tennessee.

The Customer bought a reclaimed table and wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the woodwork. Her interior designer contacted us and asked us to make another table top to her Customer’s specification. The table legs were from the old table; stainless steel rectangular tubing, polished to a chrome like finish. This is one heavy duty table!



IMG_2257 IMG_2356 bed prior to paint IMG_6242 This Customer supplied with a hand drawn design that she liked. Specified the matte black finish and ground smooth welds.

2″ X 2″ steel main frame with design work made from 1″ X 1″ tube. Angle iron bed frame fixed with 1/2 bolts for long life and sturdy construction. Custom made feet on legs with Delrin pads.



IMG_8245 (Large) IMG_8248 photo This Customer also supplied a hand drawn design. Made from 2″ X 2″ steel tube with a scratched finish and then clear coated. Smoked glass night stand top was added by the Customer. Footboard bench is welded onto the frame.



IMG_7422 IMG_7417 IMG_7419 Okay, so it doesn’t look like much …yet. This 12″ X 12″ 150 year old oak beam  will be a custom fireplace mantle with steel corbels, all hand fabricated in our shop.


A small buffet table, 16″ X 44″, made from 2″ X 6″ reclaimed oak with in house fabbed X legs.  Have to sand and finish as well as trim the length, but it’s looking good….

buffet table

It’s been a couple of days since we posted the above buffet table. All sanded smooth and added a tint rather than stain, along with some oil / urethane…..

stained1 stained2


The finishing process always takes the longest amount of time, but is generally worth the wait. We’ll add 7-8 coats of the oil / urethane mix over the next week or so and then post the results here.


It was difficult to get a smooth sanded surface without removing all of the decades old saw marks on this reclaimed wood. But the tint really helped with bringing the saw marks out.


The small buffet table was finished and delivered. Fit perfectly into the corner of the dining room…

IMG_8273 IMG_8274 IMG_8276 IMG_8275


$250.00 (oak)        $325.00  (black walnut)

Recently went to our wood supplier’s shop and picked out some really nice curly maple for a bench project that’s up next…

IMG_20141022_131533417 IMG_20141022_131526527_HDR IMG_20141022_121712550_HDR IMG_20141022_121320158


Currently working on another dining table made from reclaimed oak. It will feature a bit of steel inthe design and should prove to be a very robust table….

IMG_20141021_152144450 IMG_20141021_152142358



Another buffet table completed, this one was a bit different…

IMG_8315 IMG_8311 IMG_8308


The legs are .1875″ thick by 2,00″ wide flat steel, powdercoated a matte black  and the top is 24″ deep by 42″ wide and 2″ thick walnut. No finishes used – the top has been polished only. Excellent grain on these pieces of walnut – it’d be s shame to color them or cover them up!



Finished up a couple of bar stools in a custom height for a Customer. These stools are 42″ high with a 17″ square seat made from reclaimed red oak….


Frames are made from 1.50″ square steel tube and powdercoated a see through translucent black…



Stools are $200.00 each

Stand Up Desk in action….


Desk with red oak top, 48″ wide X 28″ deep and 2″ thick. Legs are 2″ X .250″ steel with 1/2″ round steel struts added.

Powdercoated matte black.

Overall desk height is 42″



IMG_1286 IMG_1289 IMG_1294 IMG_1297 IMG_1301

Dining Table from reclaimed oak. 2″ thick oak table is 40″ wide by 12 feet long, light gray stain and polyurethane top coat. Legs oak beams with natural gray board finish with black powdercoated steel shoes on the feet. Solid steel bar used as a tension device.



12042831_10153580553949286_2230888783070419272_n IMG_1262 IMG_1270

Steel and oak headboard with steel frame for king bed. 8″ X 8″ X 60″ beam foot bench with powdercoated steel frame.



IMG_1060 IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6632 IMG_6650 IMG_9977 IMG_9983 unnamed (8) unnamed (9) unnamed (13)

Beam Benches

Great to keep by your bed or back door to help you slip your shoes on and off. Or put next to the fireplace for a warm up on cold nights. Made from oak beams ranging from 6″ X 6″  and up.  Lengths pictured are 36″ to 60″. Steel frames pictured are powdercoated in translucent black and clear but most other colors are also available.

Starting at $350.00


greg1 greg2 greg3 IMG_9984 IMG_9986 IMG_9988 unnamed

Just wingin’ it.

Table made to replicate a World War II fighter plane wing. Alder wood wing covered with aluminum sheet in a random pattern and attached with stainless steel bolts. Leg machined from aluminum. Table was then polished to a mirror finish. Customer was to add leather corners to the table top.



IMG_9441 IMG_9446 IMG_9448 IMG_9449 IMG_9456 IMG_9459 IMG_9460

Oak and steel console table. Highly figured oak top measures 1″ thick, 20″ wide by 70″ long .   1X2″ steel legs are powdercoated and have welded straps to locate the top.


Recording Studio desk, rack and speaker stands

Nikou1 nikou3 nikou4

1″ square tube frame. tinted curly maple top with rounded edges. Speaker stands are 4″ square steel tubes, powdercoated black and filled with sand to eliminate resonating frequencies during recording.